donderdag 22 januari 2009

Help the school of lateral thinking?

I think lateral thinking is a used daily and is a way to overcome problems. It is a form of thinking out of the box. We often tend to say and load our selfs with "what if" questions, often these questions should be ignored since the past has already happened and can't be changed. Although by asking the "what if" question you can improve the situation for the next time. At school for example there are surely many moments where you think out of the box and wonder what if...

Some lateral thinking can generate many positive ideas for the school to improve on, neither do they always have to be applied but they can give a general idea. There are also different ways of lateral thinking including: random entry, provocation, challenge, suspending judgment and generate alternatives. I think generating alternatives is a good method to help school, creating a quota of ideas, one can overcome the natural blocks of adequacy to create different ways of looking at things. An example of lateral thinking for school is what if all students are rewarded with a specific sum of money for passing the year, this is an alternative to get a higher percentage of students to graduate. Many other ideas like this can be generated by thinking out of the box. It can also be personal where the student may think “what if” on how he or she could have an improved grade, at the time it is useless to think out of the box since the given grade is already low but it can generate positive ideas for the future to get a better grade.

We may need to solve some problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward even if the cause remains in place. (Edward de Bono)

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