maandag 29 september 2008

What should be taught in schools?

In school I think we are being given the very basics needs of modern day knowledge, we get a package with subject choices and with those we can get into university after we get the diploma. The thing is we don't learn how to live life in the world outside school, specially when it comes to money and how to deal with certain cirumstances. Besides the subjects we have now we should have a class or have it applied to certain subjects on how to deal with "real life" situations. For example in business we should learn how to use money wisely, how to deal with taxes and how to invest money, teaching us the basics of starting a life after or during school so that we have a solid start. Besides that we should be given a form of social dynamics, things we should know about the community, what social conditioning is, how we should not care what people think of you and how to make a social circle for example. Other than that also having a form of martial arts taught at school will be dope.

zondag 28 september 2008

Are we scared to go beyond our limitations?

An elephant, when young, is tied with a length of rope to keep it from escaping. After struggling for a while with this, the elephant soon learns that it can't break free. But even years later, when the elephant has reached massive size, it still won't fight against the same thin rope, even though it could easily snap it with just a tug. It has learned its limitation so well that it no longer tries.