donderdag 22 januari 2009

Gut feeling decision making: how the world works.

Gut feeling decision making occurs in everyone and happens almost daily. We make gut feeling decisions all the time, whenever someone asks you to do a certain task or when you are doubting about what the correct answer is to a question you are making that decision based on your emotion. The gut feeling is not literaly from your guts of course but what you truely believe in. A gut feeling can even be decided within a fraction of a second for example on the battlefield. You are making that split moment decision and that can be the matter of life or death. We most of the time rely on this gut feeling, and it applies for everyone from football players to the president. If you think about it the world kind of works around this emotion. All those World Wars have most likely been based allot around gut feeling decision making. Where does gut feeling really come from though? It is really an emotion you feel the best for and is right according to yourself. You could say following your emotion leads to a gut feeling, those feelings are also based on emperical evidence. Basicly all the hardwired evidence and facts that you stored leads to your decision making. For example doing an exam with multiple choice my gut feeling was telling me that answer "B" is the right choice, eventhough I had little knowledge about it I still got the answer correct.

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