maandag 30 maart 2009

Will science one day solve everything?

This in a sense is really a loaded question. If science will solve everything that also must mean there is no more science to explore because we have found the ultimate formula to solve all problems? None the less this means that we humans have then dominated the universe because we know everything. But is this really realistic? My answer is no. I think science will always continue to evolve in the continues persuit of solving and discovering new things, and if science one day will solve everything I sure won't be there to see it happen. Perhaps it is not possible at all, every scientific invention leads to new problems. Take the example of the invention of nuclear bomb, it was used to create peace but instead it has gone to destroy the world metaphoricaly speaking. Also science cannot solve ethical and moral problems. Surely science can solve problems but not all, it is just a method which is being developed day by day, but does not give 100% result. Humans themselves have led to more problems and science is there to reverse it and vice versa.

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